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How Many Funerals Are In Your DVD/Video Collection?

It’s funny how your culture can do something others would call odd, but you would never think twice about it or notice it until someone brings it up.

At a college internship, my co-worker mentioned how the funeral she’d attended that weekend had a photographer and videographer.

“How morbid!” she declared. “Why would you want to see a loved one in that state after the funeral’s over?”

I nodded my head in agreement. And then it occurred to me.

“You know, we have video and photos of both of my grandmothers’ funerals,” I said.

eraviperoor funeral

At Indian funerals, I had never flinched at the site of photographers. But now that my co-worker mentioned the morbidity of it all, I could see what she meant. But then again, I could understand that family members wanted to remember the last time they would see their loved ones.

Well the craze must be catching on in the States. Inc Magazine just featured Curtis Funk for his startup, FuneralRecording.com. Not only does the company offer video and audio recordings, but you can livestream the funeral,  get a transcript of the event, set up a website and have professional voice talent record an audio obituary for the site.

What’s your take on recording the funeral and even taking the recording to the next level like Funk’s startup is doing? If you started a similar business, do you think you could own the Malayalee market?