I felt the unconditional love of my parents and am what I am today because of their sacrifices. I embrace my rich Indian heritage and my American upbringing.

There are tens of thousands of untold stories of Malayalee life in America. Knock-your-socks-off tales kept underground, out of the mainstream. It’s time we took back our history, before others start to define it for us.

I wanted this blog to be a repository of stories from the first immigrants from Kerala to America. To give voice their struggles and successes, which, surprisingly, very few know about. But I recently decided to share my own anecdotes, completely unscientific, about how I’ve watched this generation of immigrants and their children and now their children’s children evolve.

Actually, I’m starting with thoughts on the Malayalee Pentecostal church in the States. Because my research shows that voices of mostly older men describe its history. I hope I can be one of many women speaking up and being represented about their experiences.

And I hope to get back to sharing the incredible immigrant stories of the Kerala diaspora.



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  1. Love the blog. Great content! I mean, when isn’t Malayalee Pentecostal and Malayalees in general issues NOT great writing content?

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