No one can define you but you, no matter how much you feel boxed in sometimes. We don’t have to fall victim to restrictive dichotomies like black-white, Republican-Democrat, Conservative-Liberal, whatever you want to call it.

That being said, please don’t take my cultural commentary personally. Yes, I will point out some douchebags and negative aspects of Malayalee culture. We all love doing that to our own culture! And I get tired of it because there’s so much good we can also take away. So while I throw in the negative here and there, I will do my best to focus on the positive. Keep in mind that much of what you read on here will be hearsay and opinions, and sometimes there will be no right answer to whatever is being discussed. Let’s keep the comments meaningful and respectful.

I’ve seen there is a lot of hurt in our community that needs to be healed, so we can each move on. People need a place to say what they experienced. It can often come off as anger and in extreme opinions. Because the hurt is still there.

But in the end, I aim for this to be a positive space. To record history and celebrate the ups and downs. Family and community simultaneously punch us in the gut and are present in our greatest time of need. It’s true in any culture. Here’s to celebrating the life of an American Malayalee.

I love it because you start to see the same patterns across different cultures. We’re all human.


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