“What Would People Say?” And Other Perceived Barriers

Can’t do this. Can’t do that.

What would people say?

Sometimes you’re at the mercy of a community that holds your reputation hostage. IF YOU LET IT.

My friends have two of the cutest dogs you ever saw. Every time I knock on their door, the dogs bark like crazy, excited to lick and paw at whoever comes their way. But they’re stuck behind a little indoor security gate that leans against the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

If these pups simply tipped over the fence with a nudge of their nose or even jumped over it, they would be free.

But fear and obedience keep them behind that weak little gate. That’s their routine, their sense of security.

Sometimes we let culture keep us in a routine that has been holding us back for years when we didn’t even know it.

You don’t have to be a victim. Just tip the fence.

Don’t succumb to the mind control.

You can be in the culture without subscribing to the Pharisee tendencies of a few vocal or vicious ones. You can gravitate toward the positive people in your community. You can express yourself now in life (artistically, musically, fashionwise, vocally, whatever) without being a clone who realizes 20 years later you could have done things differently.

There’s so much more to life than kidding yourself that it’s OK to live solely inside an insular, creativity-agnostic community. What you can do is awaken within yourself and your peers the latent ability and creativity that have been waiting to skyrocket into the stratosphere.

Some of us just need permission from the others of us.


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