Facebook Status of the Month

listening to secular music reminds me of how great God can be. listening to christian music reminds of how gay christianity can be..

My friend posted this status online. So poignant! I’m not a fan of using the word “gay” pejoratively, but he gets his point across.

There’s a website called Jesus Needs New PR. You could start a similar website called Christianity is Gay. (But again, it’s not nice to use “gay” pejoratively.)

I love being out in the real world. Learning how different people think, what logic works for them, how they were raised differently. I love when my worldview is challenged, when I run into a brick wall and have to reshape where I had gone wrong and was shortsighted.

I love that I don’t have all the answers, but I will be a lifelong seeker in my quest to get closer to them.

I love that sometimes the answer is actually more questions and more cloudiness and that in that way I can walk away from narrow-minded, easy, second-hand “truths.”

God exists in the real world. Christianity gets real cheesy when you pretend God doesn’t exist in the real world. We are so quick to divide between right and wrong. If you do X, Y, or Z, you suddenly fit into the bad person group and ostensibly have no connection to God.

But the truth is we all make mistakes, and that’s when redemption becomes truer than ever. You can’t strip away someone’s humanity out of self-righteousness.

I love the world outside of church and outside of the deceptive “order” imposed by culture. In the real world, in complexity, in brokenness, you find God and why He’s so freakin awesome.

That’s why you won’t find me singing hymns and scriptures all day on my blog (as much as I love them). Sometimes I feel like we mask ourselves when we put on our “church” words and voices. I want to be real! For some people, churchiness is real and sincere. But I’m more of a nitty gritty “let’s talk about drugs, sex and poop” real. Hope that’s OK.


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